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What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is used in tracking the behaviour, attitude, and buying traits of your customers.

Custom CRM is software designed specifically to complement organizational marketing/sales channel needs. The CRM is responsible for analyzing the customers' (leads) experience and tell us how they are flowing into the buyer's journey through your organization's marketing and sales channel.

CRM plays a major role in a business's overall growth as it connects the marketing, sales, service, and support channels of the company. It connects every employee of the organization through a single streamlined channel to nurture the lead no matter at what stage the potential customer is.

Customized CRM development is developed keeping in mind the specific purpose and requirements of the organization. This is the main difference that keeps the customized CRM apart from off-the-shelf packaged CRMs.

Suppose you want to integrate mobile functionality right into the development of your company's CRM so that your team can access the CRM right from their mobile devices. Assign tasks while they are on the go, get notification of the customer activity or interaction.

The possibilities are endless with customized CRM software development.


Characteristics of a Bespoke Customized CRM

Customer data is gold for any organization but what more important is to use that data in the meaningful way that drives results.

The marketing, sales, and support teams can't read and implement the same data in a CSV file. The CRM translate the required data into another format designed specifically for the particular team in the organization.

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    A customized CRM makes it a breeze to convert the customer fetched data into a detailed and sophisticated display environment
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    It also prioritizes the tasks and interaction with the customers based on their collected data. And make it simpler to communicate with the right customer at the right time.
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    Customer sorting based on the value proposition can also be done and leveraged right inside the CRM.
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    Moreover, the CRM gives you data insights so that every member of your team can see when and what communication was made with a particular client last time.
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    Can set up notifications for the time when you want to follow up with them again. So they never forget about you and your company.

Why Smart Companies Prefer a Custom CRM Over the Stock One

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    Customized Solution
    Custom CRMs are built tailor-made to the needs and logic of the organization.
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    Highly Scalable
    Scalable with the growth of business and customer database.
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    Platform Independent
    Can be accessed from any device and from anywhere.
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    Secure environment for inter-organization communication. No outside intrusion via APIs.
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    Highly Personalised
    Personalizable and user-friendly interface for easier adoption.

How to Identify the Need and Vet Out the Best Developers for Your CRM

Identifying the right developers is crucial, you will never want to put your business operations on a half cooked or a bad coded piece of software.

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    Define your goals
    This is the most important aspect to consider when you are looking out for a CRM solution.
    Evaluate your needs and what exactly you want to achieve with the CRM.
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    Check your pain points

    Have a look at your approach towards customer relations and see what problems your team is facing. No matter how small or big the problem is, consider it! Generally, the team can't guess where they are leaking out customers the most.

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    Find shorter solution

    Consider, if there is an alternate and shorter solution is available to the problem.

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    Do a vigorous lookup on your developers

    See if the CRM development company understands your business approach. Have they worked on the similar domain before?

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    Observe if they are a good fit

    Take inputs from the development agency as well and evaluate their knowledge of the project.

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    See their working methodology

    See if your development partner works on the agile methodology to iterate and correct things on the way to the end product.


Is A Custom CRM Solution Right For You?

It is needless to say that a custom solution almost always works better over the packaged products. Since it is designed and developed to your organization's specific needs, it is easier to learn and implement the custom CRM throughout the company's internals without any complexities.

Whereas on the other side, a packaged out of the box CRM could not be a universal solution to every organization considering the factors like size, industry, and their needs.

The custom CRM solution is usually the costlier choice at first over a prepackaged CRM. But the customized choice ends up being less expensive in the long run. Because of its flexibility and ease of modifications to adapt the company's' workflow with the growth.

Many companies find it hard to decide when it comes to choosing the best fit for their particular needs. At the end, it is you who needs to decide the best solution a tailor made CRM solution or an off-the-shelf packaged CRM for your company keeping in mind the specific needs.

And, why us?

The CRM development team here at Webisoft has a deep understanding of CRMs inside out. We know what stock CRMs bring to the table and what organizations actually need in their system.

With our agile methodology of CRM development, we help enterprises in developing their bespoke solution for database management, direct/indirect marketing flow, customer information management, and many more.

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