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Intranet / Extranet Development

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Why Intranet/Extranet Systems Make Sense

An optimized intranet or extranet communication system facilitates inter-company employees' communication over a secured network. Since it is an intranet-based communication channel, you own it wholly without any external interference.

Companies opt-in to build their own intranet/extranet network to share information, collaborate and improve employee communication for higher productivity. The published and shared information in an intranet network can be channelized to individual employees, teams, or departments in an organization.

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    You name it, we integrate it.

    From Salesforce to your custom CRM, Box to Slack, and many others, we make sure to integrate with all your enterprise apps.

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    Designed for the way you work

    An off-the-shelf readymade solution is not always a good choice for growing companies, especially when it’s a software or network solution. So building a custom Intranet/Extranet/Cloud solution that is tailored to your specific needs is the way to go.

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    Secure & Scalable Platform

    Particularly Intranet and Extranet work in a closed environment that only your organization own. So it’s a pretty secure network of communication for companies.

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    Built For Business Users

    As per a study conducted by Harvard Business School on ROI-Engagement revealed that for every 1% increase in employee engagement or productivity, the ROI for a social intranet increased by 1000%.


Why would a company need an Intranet /Extranet?

With the passage of time, the way of doing businesses is evolving rapidly, so do our communication channels. A custom developed intranet/extranet system that is made tailored to the companies' needs, helps in managing their inter-organizational communication and collaboration among the employees.

A standalone Intranet/Extranet system of a company helps their employees in getting more productive by acting as a hub of communication for staff and also helps in gaining competitive advantage in the macro environment.

Talking about Intranet, it provides an internal communication system to communicate effectively with the people who are working within the organization and help them to clear their doubts or any kind of ambiguity with the right person and in less time. Including the ability to add corporate information like client details, files, and memos that are accessible centrally.

Whereas on the other hand extranet is also a communication system but to communicate not only within the organization but also outside the organization like with the clients, shareholders, customers, creditors etc. This accelerates the entire growth process of organization as they can connect with the person whenever they want to and can take the right decision in no time.


Our 8 Stages of Intranet / Extranet & Cloud Applications Development Process

  • Analysis
  • Documentation
  • Designing
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Iteration

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between Intranet, Extranet, and cloud-based communication development?

    The Intranet is your company’s owned internal system that is built to collaborate, share files and communicate with the teams, departments and individual employees of a company over a secured channel without any external interference.

    Extranet: In simple words, an extranet system is the blend of Internet and Intranet, in which only a permissioned external peer is allowed to enter into the network. The Extranet system is usually used when you wish to collaborate with an external organization over your own defined secured channel.

    Cloud-based communication channels require internet to establish a connection between peers. One of the finest examples of a cloud-based communication channel is Slack.

  • Which is better - Intranet or Extranet for your company?

    For the most secure network of communication, Intranet is advised to companies who operate within certain boundaries and don’t require external interaction.

    If your needs are not limited to a certain premise and you want to collaborate within multiple offices located at a distance, or you want to interact with your clients (permissioned users), then an Extranet system is the solution for you.

    If your company manage remote teams, remote business offices then you should consider a cloud-based communication system.

  • Can an Intranet or Extranet system be integrated with other applications?
    Yes, the systems that we build are tailored to company’s needs and current technology stacks that they are using or planning to use. So we develop the intranet/extranet systems based on your custom needs and requirements. Most of the popular apps and systems like SAP, Salesforce can easily be made to hook with your developed intranet.

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